Why Join Youtilities?

  • Trustworthy
  • Excellent Broker Services
  • Top Commission Rates
  • Rapid Payments
  • Secure Renewals
  • In-depth Industry Knowledge
  • Direct Relationships with Suppliers


We have over 200 energy brokers and a huge network of sales agents who have worked with us for the last 14 years. We have satisfactorily fulfilled their needs & successfully placed over 100000 b2b sales. Our consistency of excellence and honesty has helped us to gain the trust of suppliers and brokers.

Youtilita Portal

We have a user friendly portal Youtilita, through which you can generate quotes, submit sales, validate and track sales applications through a variety of energy suppliers. You can also see what’s happening with your sales from start to finish and generate queries and find answers to many issues and needs in your daily working life.This is constantly being updated and improved with the user’s input.

Excellent Broker Services

Dedicated broker support executives who are easy to reach by phone or email & always happy to give you service instantly.

  • Open Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm
  • ECOES and XOSERVE access for obtaining MPAN / MPRN
  • AQ check for the gas supply
  • Pre credit check for Scottish power, Npower & Eon (just to make sure that the contract should not be returned because of credit fail)
  • LOA and termination support
  • Verbal contract and price checking
  • commission and payment queries
  • contract set-up

Top Commissions

We offer our brokers the top rates of commission in the market. We believe in their hard work and want to make sure that they receive the best rewards in the market. Presently we are offering 85% commission to our brokers which shows our commitment to you is more important than the financial gain.

Rapid Payments

We run a weekly commission report and pay the commission on the same day you receive the invoice.

Secure Renewals

When your contract is up for renewal we will start sending you renewals notifications. We will never go ahead and renew your contract without your knowledge even if you are absent or no longer work with us. We believe your customer should be yours for life.

In-depth Industry Knowledge

We have worked in the energy and sales industry for over 14 years and our knowledge and commitment to the industry is immense. We use that to get better deals for you the brokers and the customers. Our reputation and influence in the industry has been built upon the honourable way we do business with suppliers, customers and brokers.

Direct Relationships with Suppliers

We deal directly with all our product suppliers and have fantastic relationships with key persons within those suppliers. This always helps to ensure quick turnaround on issues and queries. We are constantly looking for ways to help them improve the sales process and our feedback to them is essential.