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More companies are recognising the benefits of changing their electricity supplier, but there are still many businesses that are stuck with suppliers they have been with for years and by not embracing change they are suffering. simply because they haven’t.

Every year, thousands of small businesses automatically go on to variable rates and according to Ofgem, the majority are paying more than is necessary due to these variable rates.
Our job is to ensure you get the best rates year after year without any hassle and worry. This is what makes us the industry leaders as 98% of our customers keep renewing their contracts through us.

We compare business electricity tariffs and most of the time, find that you can make significant financial savings.

It takes minutes to conduct a business electricity comparison for you so we hope you understand those minutes could be the most valuable you spend.

Obviously energy comparison gets confusing at times – with so many rates and tariffs out there, the time it takes to talk to and negotiate with suppliers and the resulting headache associated with the final choice, it’s no wonder so many people allow themselves to just auto renew or end up on variable rates. With us however, you won’t be confused for long. We compare business tariffs for you and the rest is our headache.

A fixed-rate tariff locks in the price and protects you against any sudden increases in prices. Fixed-term business electricity prices are usually cheaper than variable energy deals. Our job is to ensure you’ll be protected against any wholesale electricity price increases. A dedicated account manager from our company will be back in touch once your fixed-term contract is coming to an end. Energy prices are fixed for varying lengths to suit the needs of your business.

How to find the cheapest business electricity prices for your company
Although the so-called ‘Big Six’ still account for the vast majority of business electricity contracts in the UK, a new era of smaller energy providers have emerged in the last few years, giving customers greater choice and presenting a real threat to those who have dominated the industry in the long term.

Comparing the cheapest suppliers is a quick and simple process thanks to our advanced platform. Rather than going through the hassle of phoning each supplier individually and asking about their rates, we do all of the hard work for you. Once we have some details from you, we will then generate a list of the best and cheapest business electric prices in your area. We will present these to you in a clear and jargon free way and allow you to choose the best option with our expert advice. We will then begin the process of switching and hold your hand through the whole process. Remember we will deal with your old supplier and new. It has never been easier than it is today to switch and save, leaving you with time and money to better run your business.

Remember our service is free, our knowledge is immense, our customer always comes first and we will be there year after year to hold your hand in everything utility related. We can only do this if you allow us the opportunity to prove ourselves. Once we have done this we always strive to keep you on board by maintain an excellent working relationship with you. - Switch or Renew Now