Business Water -

Remember honesty is our best policy and when it comes to water we want you to know the real truth.
Water was only deregulated in April 2017 and the industry is only just getting ready to embrace this change. What this means for most small businesses is that they can pick and choose other suppliers. There are no huge savings to be made yet and these probably won’t come to the surface for a couple of years. We have been busy learning and exploring the market and ensuring we are ready with important knowledge to pass onto yourself. It is still worth switching and allowing us to advise you on where your business can be placed to take advantage of water deregulation. We are able to honestly achieve some savings by choosing another supplier on your behalf and while the savings may not be as significant as gas and electricity, every penny saved goes towards changing your current balance sheet.

If you are a Business in England, now you will be able to choose your business water supplier.

The Business Water market in England is currently split by regions and most businesses (unless you are a large user) must use the Water supplier that operates in their area. By deregulating the market, businesses now have the opportunity to reduce costs, save money, change supplier and get more attention from their water company. In Scotland, the business water industry was deregulated in 2008 and customers have already received better deals with some receiving nearly 40% reductions on their water rates.

For businesses that have more than one site, they will be able to deal with one supplier instead of lots of different suppliers and ultimately this will save businesses time in administration and money.

The Energy market deregulation in the UK started approximately 15 years ago and we now see an extremely competitive market with major suppliers and many brokers operating. It is estimated that over 50% of businesses have switched electric and gas suppliers in that time saving millions and millions of pounds.

As the water companies are now facing the possibility of losing customers we will now work with you and them to achieve a better deal on your behalf. Our aim is to compare water rates for you and achieve the maximum savings that the market will allow in it’s current transitional state. There is no worry, no hassle and definitely no headache for you. We will make the process as easy as gas and electricity as well as educating you in this area. If there are savings to be made then we can guarantee we will make them on your behalf.

Remember our service is free, our knowledge is immense, our customer always comes first and we will be there year after year to hold your hand in everything utility related. We can only do this if you allow us the opportunity to prove ourselves. Once we have done this we always strive to keep you on board by maintain an excellent working relationship with you. - Switch or Renew Now