Consumers - is a trading name of Global Staffing Solutions Ltd, a family run, commercial energy consultancy, based in London, UK. When founded in 2001 we had one simple aim; to save our customers time and money, while building a company our employees and agents would be proud to work for.

We’re a dedicated team of savings specialists who can help guide you through the process of switching your utility provider and get you the best deal available. With different deals and tariffs forever changing, it’s always better to have the latest information when switching or renewing.

Since the deregulation of the gas and electricity markets in 1986, competition among suppliers has been rife. Competition is always a good thing for the consumer, as now the possibility of getting a better deal, by switching supplier, is greater than ever. To generate and manage the increased demand for switching suppliers, utility brokers stepped in to help consumers wade through the jargon. Rest, assured we’ll guide you to a cheaper deal.

We’ve helped thousands of business owners pocket £millions in savings since 2001. We know the ins and outs of every supplier, tariff and contract out there, and with our virtual buying power we can get a much better deal than an individual ever could. If you do manage to find a great deal on your own, get in touch, and we’ll see if we can beat it.

With only a few key pieces of information we can take the hassle out of switching your business energy contract by doing a full energy market comparison, and as we work alongside a large number of the UK’s leading suppliers we can offer the most current tariffs, at the best rates, which are perfectly suited to your business’s needs. Then we’ll send you on your way with a shiny new tariff and contact you again when it’s time to renew.

Agents and Brokers - Contract SubmissionsWe work closely with energy agencies all over the UK. We offer an efficient no-hassle contract submission and management portal called Youtilita. Once approved, you can log-in and update, validate, log and progress all your contracts. Our commission rates are the highest on the market. Try us, give us a call on 0203 599 8122 to see if we can offer you a better commission structure than you are currently receiving.

Remember, we want you to achieve higher conversion rates and bigger profits. That’s why we want you to spend less time on the admin side of your business, and more time on the selling part. Our industry-leading dedicated energy portal is designed to keep your contract submissions organised, updated and maintained. You can read more about Youtilita here.